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Major pieces of equipment and software packages in the PELAB at FUM are:

    Hot air gun and solder station
    Two Tektronix TPS2014, two GW Instek GDS-1022, and two RIGOL DS1052E digital color oscilloscopes
    Fluke 435 power quality analyzer
    Four Tektronix P5122 high voltage probes
    Three Tektronix A622 current probes and amplifiers
    EXTECH LCR200 LCR meter
    Rigol DM3051, and TRIO DL-709 desktop multimeters
    Four EXTECH EX330, and three EZ DM-341 multimeters
    Hioki 3287 clamp meter
    Three MEGATEK MP-6030 60V/30A DC power sources
    GW Instek APS-9102 1kVA 45-500Hz AC power source
    15kVA three-phase, and 2kVA single-phase variacs
    20kVA three-ouput three-phase insulating transformer
    100VA 220/12V 6-output insulating transformer
    Load banks
    Telemechanique altivar 31 (7.5 kW) VSD with output sine filter
    Two GW Instek GPS-4303, and four LEADER LPS-163 DC power supplies
    Five Thandor TG502, and one IWATSU FG-350 function generators
    Two PCI1710U Data acquisition cards (DAQ)
    Two digital signall processor (DSP) development tool kits of TI's TMS320F28335 (F28335 eZdsp)
    Development tool kit of Xilinx FPGA/CPLDs
    Four discovery boards for STM32F407VG ARM Cortex-M4F

    Orcad schematics/PCB layout package
    Altium designer

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