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Major pieces of equipment and software packages in the PELAB at FUM are:

      Hot air gun and solder station
      Weller WSD-81i 80W soldering station
      Two Tektronix TPS2014, two GW Instek GDS-1022, and two RIGOL DS1052E digital color oscilloscopes
      OWON RDS1021 pen-type PC oscilloscope
      Fluke 435 power quality analyzer
      Four Tektronix P5122 high voltage probes
      Six Hantek CP-3308R high voltage probes
      Three Tektronix A622 current probes and amplifiers
      Four Hantek CC-65 current probes and amplifiers
      EXTECH LCR200 LCR meter
      Rigol DM3051, and TRIO DL-709 desktop multimeters
      Four EXTECH EX330, and three EZ DM-341 multimeters
      Hioki 3287 clamp meter
      Three MEGATEK MP-6030 60V/30A DC power sources
      APM Technologies AM-SP600VDC4000W  600V 10A 4000W high precision programmable DC power source  
      GW Instek APS-9102 1kVA 45-500Hz AC power source
      15kVA three-phase, and 2kVA and 5kVA single-phase variacs
      20kVA three-ouput three-phase insulating transformer
      100VA 220/12V 6-output insulating transformer
      Load banks
      Telemechanique altivar 31 (7.5 kW) VSD with output sine filter
      Two GW Instek GPS-4303, and four LEADER LPS-163 DC power supplies
      Five Mean Well RSP-750-48 Switching Power Supplies 753.6W 48V 15.7A
      Five Thandor TG502, and one IWATSU FG-350 function generators
      TOL 00067 1000X USB digital microscope
      TES-1384 4 input digital thermometer/datalogger
      Two PCI1710U Data acquisition cards (DAQ)
      Two digital signall processor (DSP) development tool kits of TI's TMS320F28335 (F28335 eZdsp)
      Development tool kit of Xilinx FPGA/CPLDs
      Five discovery boards for STM32F407VG ARM Cortex-M4F

      Orcad schematics/PCB layout package
      Altium designer

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